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Online shopping is an art nowadays. Therefore we have furnished a shopping cart on our website. Shopping Cart –Online Purchase

  • Purchase an Item
    Add a required item onto Shopping Cart – Online Purchase by clicking on “Online Purchase” button to choose the product category and go to the desired product. Then put the quantity and click “Add to Requirement list” located below the each items. You can view the items in your requirement list at any time by clicking on “Requirement list " located at upper right corner of our website.
  • Continue Purchase
    If to continue purchase more items , please click “ continue Shopping ” button
  • Changing Quantity of Items
    Quantity of each item in requirement list can be changed by clicking on "+1" to add, and "-1" to subtract.
  • Deleting Items
    You can delete those items selected once and you decided later not to buy from your requirement list by clicking on "Delete" button.
  • Submit the Purchase
    Click on "Submit the Purchase" button, Then the item will be listed in " Requirement list "
  • Submit the Purchase
    To confirm the purchase ,Please click on "Submit the Purchase" button again
  • Purchase Placement
    Furnish all details required and click the “Purchase” button, otherwise go back; if needed to amend all details given.

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